I have received many kind letters from clients, showing the excitement of receiving their newly delivered painting in their home, expressing their feelings that are felt as it is seen hanging on the wall in position. If you have purchased paintings from me in the past, please feel free to send me a testimonial at lara@lawrencepaintings.com

Shalford in Surrey

We love it. The photo doesn’t do it justice but our dining room walls are a light purple so it brings out the blues & purples really well. The white frame works well too.

Thanks for this wonderful painting of our old home in Shalford. We will treasure it forever.

John & Linda

We loved this painting as soon as we saw it. The colours are vibrant and the water is so realistic you can almost hear it rushing through the lock. It’s a great addition to our collection.

Trevor and Sue

It meets every expectation that we had of your work! We have not finally decided where to locate it yet, so it will probably circulate a few rooms over coming weeks! I have sent you photos of the current wall we have it on.
Thanks again for bringing a bit more of summer into our house!

Trevor and Sue

We were taken aback by how vibrant the combination of colours and hues are, far more impressive than the website photos depict it! The changing subdued light outside the house on these winter days are upstaged by the vibrancy of the golden fields and with the light reflected by the painting from the skyline and hills, it could be a morning or a late afternoon subject! Look forward to seeing the impact of the changing seasons. We will certainly get much pleasure from just glancing or studying your composition, so thank you very much for painting it !

Mary Lou Quinlan

We bought this gorgeous painting from John because we loved the explosion of color and light, especially his use of lavender in the sky. It sits above an old steel barrister’s bookcase in my office in my apartment in NYC, just above Broadway. Nestled above the bustle of buses and trucks and people’s voices that fill the room from below is this splendid scene of peace and beauty. We placed in a spot that is clearly visible to the rest of the apartment and when we crack the door, and light it at night, the Notch at Sneem beckons visitors inside and they get lost in its world…and dream of going there some day. Me too.

Martin and Elwyn Perry

We love our paintings which transport us back to favourite holidays and light up our big living room.

Mrs Tina Austin
Reigate, Surrey

We have bought several of john Lawrence’s paintings over the years – we particularly love his landscape paintings and the vibrant colours he uses

Mary Lou Quinlan

This painting changes color throughout the day which is why we love to watch it catch the light in our Pennsylvania home. I love to look at this scene and feel the buzz of happy farm life in the country. The cows are my favorite. John captured a brown and white one alongside the black and whites. I can practically smell the peat fire burning inside. And as always, John’s burst of red on the roof just energizes this bucolic scene. I love that it sits in a cozy room in a farmhouse in the States…built in 1840 but hey, we are just getting started over here!

Lara Bishop
Guildford, Surrey

I commissioned a painting of my daughter, John is so talented. He has an amazing ability to capture the personality of a person in his work. This was the first day my little girl had been to the beach.