I have started to create a video library, as I felt that it would give an insight into how I paint. The videos are shortened versions and only capture the necessary subject matter that I require, to then continue working on them in the studio. More videos will follow soon.

Farmhouse near Petworth

I have passed this scene quite regularly over the months and have wanted to paint it when I felt the light was right.

Today was so perfect to show this homely farm nestling in the landscape, the softly lit purple of the South Downs vibrates with the yellow ripening corn!

Sitting in the sunshine – Suffolk

Here I am at one of my favourite places in Suffolk, it is so unspoilt and a peaceful place to sit and paint, with endless interest to occupy my mind to saturation point.

I sit for an hour or so before starting in order to absorb the surroundings, this allows me time to relax after the trip. The above Video shows a condensed version of noting down the necessary basic points that interest me.
Back in the studio the painting will be added to and adjusted. Over the days or sometimes months further adjustments might take place, as my thoughts change. I hope you enjoy watching it.
This painting has now been sold.

Click here to view the painting - Sitting in the sunshine - Suffolk

Ferrari 250 GTB

The 250 and 275’s are some of my favourites of the early Ferrari’s, such beautiful cars and timeless in design! Back in my younger days I was an enthusiast, so I very much appreciate the build and design of these lovely cars.I decided to produce a small colour rough first in order to build up a feeling for the final work.

Ferrari 250 GTB